Our #250TB-CAS Series Casement Windows offer side hinged out swing vents. 2-1/2" depth. Full thermally broken frames and sashes to help thermal improvement yet keeping the strength of a heavy commercially rated product.

All Casements are set up for 1" insulated glass for various specifications with alternate interior and exterior grids. Glass is set with a tape set "wet" exterior and a snap in glazing bead with a neoprene gasket.

AAMA rated HC-90. Structural & thermal test reports are available upon request.

All Casement Windows are available in various painted finishes as well as clear and bronze anodized.

All Casement Windows are available with various operating hardware such as casement hinges, four-bar hinges, cam handles, lift locks and roto crank operators.

All Project-Out Vents are available with various operating hardware such as four-bar hinges, cam handles, pushbars, center crank roto operators, etc.

Our Projected Windows have various exterior panning, nail fins, interior trim and receptor systems available upon request.

Our #250TB Series are also available in project in, project out and stationary window versions.

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